Fabrics and Textiles

When a perfect cut or incision is required, even on particularly “difficult” fabrics, the laser represents the ideal solution. The cut is clean and, thanks to the heat produced, the profiles do not fray and no fringed edges are created.

We can cut and engrave any type of fabric: from filtering fabric to non-woven fabric (TNT), from linen to insulating materials, from cotton to jersey.

Thanks to the specificity of our equipment, we can perforate and micro-perforate any type of fabric without leaving any residue of material (fibres or yarns) on the side opposite to that of the incision. Indeed, during laser processing, the fabric is subjected to high temperatures which completely eliminate any trace of superfluous material.

The laser allows for non-contact and tool-free processing, making it a very useful solution in the case of fabrics and textiles with particularly delicate colours and textures and which would risk being damaged in contact with irons, tools…

We can engrave and cut even small batches in a short time at a very affordable cost. Compared to traditional marking and engraving systems, the laser adapts easily and quickly to the support and design, providing unparalleled economy and speed of mechanical execution.