Until a few decades ago, in order to carry out engravings or markings on the glass, specific tools were required and, above all, a consolidated experience in the sector as a “master glassmaker”. Today with the CO2 laser it is possible to imprint any graphic element on glass or crystal whether this be an image or a simple writing.

Thanks to the laser instrumentation and the large working area, we can make engravings and markings on glass of different sizes: we can engrave glass sheets of 500 mm x 500 mm or make simultaneous incisions up to a maximum of 500 mm x 1500 mm. We also carry out commissions for third parties.

The incision is perfect – clean and not sharp; the glass in the treated part takes on a satiny, delicate appearance. The imprinted image is resistant to water and any environmental conditions; it does not fade even following the use of the most aggressive solvents. Your sign will remain indelible, lasting over time.

Thanks to the speed of execution and the flexibility of the laser, we can engrave anything from a single piece to entire production runs at reduced times and costs.