Leather and hide

Thanks to the introduction of the laser, the engraving and cutting of leather and hide have become two extremely fast, precise and convenient processes. The laser perfectly cuts leather and hide as if they were a sheet of paper.

The effect of a laser engraving is that of a burn or fire marking and faithfully recreates the engravings made with traditional marking tools. It is indelible and permanent. Offering an extremely high level of precision, the laser can engrave writing, images and logos.

An innumerable amount of objects in leather and hide can be worked with the laser ranging from the field of clothing to that of furniture.

Two of the most frequent laser processes on leather and hide are undoubtedly the engraving and microperforation of leather soles and the marking of labels for applications on jeans and T-shirts.

The versatility of the laser instrumentation allows us to continuously vary the print register without having to bear the costs of changing moulds. Indeed, it is even possible to inscribe different numbers or texts on each treated piece and deliver even small batches of product to the customer. This immense convenience makes laser engraving and cutting particularly convenient when only a few pieces are to be made.

We have three lasers that allow us to work in parallel or with 3 totally different designs on a surface that reaches 500 mm x 1500 mm.