In recent years, architecture and design have often drawn on the colours of nature, making use of dark materials and supports to embellish rooms. One of the most regularly used elements has perhaps been the well-known “blackboard stone” – or slate – which has increasingly become part of our homes in the construction of roofs, floors, steps.

As with marble and any stone material for interior and especially exterior cladding, slate can be treated as a “base” for decoration. Engravings and markings make it unique and leave an indelible mark on the stone’s memory. The passage of time will not fade the image or the engraved writing: every day it will appear as new.

The effect of a laser engraving or marking is that of a carving. The part treated with the laser is lighter in colour than the rest of the slate and no amount of scratching or contact with other surfaces will compromise the result achieved. In fact, the laser uniformly removes a surface layer of slate even if the piece has a wavy or irregular presentation. The same stone treated with a pad printer could end up with a distorted or imprecise rendering of the image required.

Our instrumentation is equipped with three laser sources that operate on a large work area; we can engrave, mark or decorate slate up to a maximum of 500 mm x 1500 mm divisible into three areas of 500 mm x 500 mm.