We respond promptly to any customer request


We adhere to delivery times, working 7 days a week


We offer refined materials with excellent production standards


Laser cutting service combines efficiency and quality.

Thanks to machine technology, our company based in Verona makes it possible to cut and decorate (for example, by transferring a photo) materials such as:

Our processes
Cutting and Decoration Decoration only
wood marble
paper slate
cardboard quartz
plastic materials (except PVC) anodised aluminium
leather and hide mirror and glass

GIOTTO CO2 laser machines have a working area of 50 cm x 50 cm.

Specifically, we offer:

Our third party processing service is aimed at the following sectors: fashion, fashion accessories, footwear, clothing, packaging, signage, promotional, technical fabrics, automotive sector, tools, model making, weapons, leather goods, eyewear, labelling…

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+39 348 871 0178
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