When it comes to “engraving” one cannot help but think of wood. Indeed wood, like paper and cardboard, is an excellent “neutral” support that is well suited for laser engraving, cutting and marking.

When you want to obtain a particular shape or you want to make a distinctive design on a wooden object (a toy, a plaque, a frame…), the laser is the best solution. More specifically:

The cut: the laser cuts the wood perfectly without leaving splinters or nicking the edges and surface of the object. The cut is clean, smooth and precise and it is also possible to make particularly complex shapes, giving free reign to the imagination. Waste is minimal and depends purely on the original design. The laser beam, unlike any type of blade, has no thickness: this makes it suitable for cutting shapes with very small and refined details.

Engraving and marking: the laser can engrave and mark any type of wood (solid wood, MDF, veneered sheets…). The incision is darker in colour as it results from the micro-combustion of wood. Thanks to the extreme versatility of the instrumentation, it is possible to precisely control the depth of the incision and correct it during the processing phase. This makes it possible to obtain an attractive interplay of light and dark resulting from the precision laser engraving. The natural grain of the wood can add to the effect giving rise to a very eye-catching image.

Our machines occupy a work surface of 500 mm x 1500 mm which allows the processing of small and large wooden surfaces. Three lasers can work simultaneously in order to once again guarantee cost-effectiveness and speed of processing.

We also produce small batches and prototypes.