Anodised Aluminium

When you look at an electronic device or a simple plaque in”aluminium“, very often what you are looking at is not simple “aluminium” but in actual fact anodised aluminium. Anodising is a particular treatment that forms a protective film of aluminium oxide on the surface of the treated object. This treatment protects the aluminium from corrosion, preserving its original appearance.

Anodised aluminium is available in different colours, in addition to the more familiar shades of grey (silver grey, dark grey…) for which it is best known. It can be shiny or opaque, depending on the base, but above all it is very resistant. To create equally resistant writings or images, laser engraving and marking is the best option. Indeed, using laser marking in conjunction with anodised aluminium represents a highly appreciated combination in furnishing and design objects owing to the particular elegance and refined appearance of the final effect. The engraved part is darker in colour following laser treatment and thus stands out in the midst of the bright tones of the anodised silver surface.

Another way of achieving sophisticated effects is to start from a material of a different colour and cover it with anodised aluminium: laser engraving or marking will bring out the colour of the metal, giving rise to eye-catchingly striking interplays and contrasts.

Laser markings are common in signs, tags, key rings… any object with promotional, informative (bar codes, technical data…) and / or decorative (graphic elements, images) purposes. Each line engraved on the metal will be permanent and resistant to abrasion; it will bear an infallible and exclusive mark.

Unlike marking with pads or punches, laser marking is much simpler, faster and more precise. Flexible and convenient.

Note: the CO2 laser, without a particular instrumentation, does not cut into the metal; for this reason, it is not possible to carry out laser markings directly on metals that have not been previously painted.