Marble and stone

The engraving and laser marking of marble and other stone materials is not a process known to all. Few people know the enormous potential of the laser and even fewer are those who use it.

However, for particularly creative projects or unique pieces, we often suggest the use of marble for an exclusive and impactful effect. A portrait or a simple message or quote will be fixed as indelible marks on the stone. No amount of inclement weather or harsh climatic-environmental conditions will affect the laser engraving or marking which will remain unchanged, as pristine as the day it was made.

The effect of a laser engraving on marble and stone is very similar to a “carving”: the contours of the writing or image can be perceived by passing the fingers over the surface. The laser also allows you to gradually establish the depth of the incision. It also guarantees a precision that would be difficult to replicate with other instruments.

Laser engraving and marking on marble and stone are the ideal solution for decorating or making a distinctive mark on furnishing and outdoor objects.