Plexiglass and Plastics

One of the most elegant and refined plastic materials, and one which for this reason is used in various sectors, is plexiglass. Transparent like glass and resistant like plastic, plexiglass is extremely versatile; it can be found in shop windows, sales counters, displays, plaques, paintings, display cases…

Like glass, plexiglass can be laser engraved and cut. By appropriately calibrating the ray being emitted by the source, it is possible to make clean cuts and transfers of vector drawings and bitmap images that can be replicated countless times.

In our department, we put together a laser instrumentation that enables the perfect cutting and engraving of surfaces with dimensions that reach 500 mm x 1500 mm. Three lasers cover the entire surface, each one replicating the data provided by the computer on its own 500 mm x 500 mm square, working simultaneously on three identical graphics or each making a different design.

The CO2 laser is in itself a “green technology”. To contribute to the preservation of the environment, we have opted not to treat materials and plastics containing chlorine.